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Hand drawn watch
Image by Ussama Azam


In 2012 our Founder, Brandyn Gibson, was introduced to the captivating look & feel of a vintage timepiece, gifted to him by his father. This sparked the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for craftsmanship and the wonderful world of watches. But after years of diving into the world of watchmaking, collecting, & researching some of the greats in this space, he found one issue that just didn't sit right with him. Coming from a middle class family of four in America, there was a barrier of entry so high, simply too high for most people to afford. Thus Gibaali Revolve was born.

Founded in March of 2018 by Brandyn Gibson, Gibaali Revolve was created to produce ornate, premium, and dynamic timepieces that almost anyone could enjoy. All whilst keeping the barrier of entry to a minimum. "I wanted to make watches that allow people to feel like a million bucks, while still keeping their million bucks!" -Brandyn Gibson

'I think about the young boy or man looking at a beautiful automatic luxury watch thinking to himself; "It's beautiful but, I'll never be able to afford something like this." And I want to create watches that are captivating, stylish, high quality, and maybe get people into the world that I love so much today. Something that lasts.' -Brandyn Gibson

We believe that the look and feel, which so many love, from a luxury timepiece on the wrist, should be available from an entry point that is much more approachable and affordable to most people. Looking good shouldn't break the bank! If you're reading this story about our beginnings, we appreciate you taking the time to learn about us! We invite you to build your watch collection with unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else!

Gibaali Revolve Watches Logo
Image by Ussama Azam


We have a core belief. Time is a precious luxury that we can never get back. A quality timepiece is a reminder of that. If you take a minute to listen, you'll hear it ticking away on your wrist. So we try to live each moment to it's fullest potential. We just happen to do it elegantly and with style.


Quality, accessibility, & class. Our pricing brings luxurious materials & meticulous construction to your wrist at an attainable price because we sell directly to you - no middleman, no markup, no fuss.

Gibaali Revolve Watch Brand
Silver Steel Plate
Golden Steel Plate
Fancy Slogan with Logo
Image by Ussama Azam


Many of our gold and rose gold watches are electroplated with real nanometer gold particles. This means the gold does not fade and keeps its rich color for years. Our gold watches do not turn green or lose color.

Image by Ussama Azam


Our watches are powered by high quality Japanese movements such as the Miyota 8215 automatic movement, featured in the Sunken Collection, with twenty-one jewels and a 48-hour power reserve. By joining our forces with Miyota we are able to craft reliable and accurate timepieces.

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